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About B-Web Solutions
I started B-Web Solutions because I saw a need for a different kind of web site designer.  There are so many business owners out there who know what they want and what they need, but they are hand cuffed by the way the web market is set up.  There are too many "web developers" out there that just don't understand what it takes to cater to the customers needs.  They can't market a small business and maintain a professional looking website without charging outrageous rates and sucking the customer into a whirlwind of maintenance fees down the line.
At B-Web Solutions we believe quality web design stems from our ability to capture our clients vision through design, empower them with user friendly content they can manage, and provide unparalleled support to back it all up.  While we are capable of taking on projects of all levels we have found our strength in catering to the small business owner.  This has caused us to step back and develop a different take on web development and the way we achieve our ultimate goal of making happy customers.  Here are just a few of the ways we do this:

1)  Listening to our customer and finding out what they want and need from their site. 

2)  Developing a marketing strategy to target the end user through SEO and social media.

3)  Empowering our customers with user friendly content management tools.    

4)  Keeping rates reasonable and affordable.

5)  Standing Behind our work by providing support at no additional cost.

Jerron Bailey
Owner and Creator of B-web Solutions

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